Saturday, March 17, 2012


OK, I am a guy.  A guy with not much hair.  I know nothing about styling hair, other than that I keep getting it cut shorter and shorter as I have less and less of it.

My daughter is a full-on, totally committed ballerina.  She has been taking ballet for the past five years.  For the past two years, she has started growing her hair longer so she can have a perfect ballet bun (both for class and for performances...she was in the Nutcracker last year). 

Since she started growing her hair longer, my wife and I have struggled with putting her hair in a bun.  We tried all the old tricks-ask the neighbors, get/pay another girl to show us, watch YouTube videos.  Nothing worked. 

The owner of the ballet studio keeps giving me disappointed looks every time I bring my daughter to class.  I have begun to wonder if the other parents are chuckling behind my back...

But was different!  My daughter and I went to Sally's Beauty Supply near our house for another expert opinion.  The sales clerk was very helpful and suggested corkscrew pins for my daughter's hair.  I think she thought I was a clueless single dad...she is right on the clueless count when it comes to little girls hair!  Two minutes, perfect ballet bun.  My daughter loved it because it worked and I loved it because I got to talk a bit of science (the pins are a double-helix).

Small victory!  Big celebration!

Just don't ask me how to french braid.

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